Basic OFF-PAGE techniques.

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SEO training in chennaiSearch Engine Optimization aka SEO it not as easy as it seems at the first place. To achieve the desired results the SEO professional has to follow a mixture of many techniques. The technique is a blend of ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE, the SEO professional makes many efforts to achieve the desired results through OFF-PAGE techniques.   SEO training in Chennai brings to your knowledge all the OFF-PAGE techniques some of them are discussed below.

  • Blog commenting- One of the most effective way of gaining quality back links from other sites is to comment on the blogs of some other website. Here anchor texts can be used or naked URL’s can be used to get the back links. SEO training suggests that the blog which are selected to comment on must be of our niche, by commenting on these blogs the links would be reflected and a boost can be seen in the rankings.
  • Forum Posting- Forums are very effective way of getting quality back links from the web sites. The Forums should be of our niche and we can give our anchor text that redirects to out URL getting more traffic and eventually a rank boost can be seen over a period of time. This method is more effective than blog commenting according to the SEO courses in Chennai.
  • Social Bookmarking- Some experts say that social bookmarking is dead, but according to SEO training Chennai social bookmarking is still alive and study suggests that still some people search for their favorite thing on social bookmarking sites which are of high PR.  Sites are common for all. One should note that sites with high PR should be considered.
  • Question and answer- There are many sites where the users ask question on a specific topic and look for the best answer. SEO training institute in Chennai suggests you to visit some sites with high authority and find questions of your niche, answering some quality answers would help you to achieve a good traffic and back links from a trusted source.
  • Press release- There is some sites which are exclusively built for press release. These types of sites are used to publish a specific event which is going to happen in coming times. Here quality back links can be achieved from these sites and they are very effective. SEO course in Chennai will teach you how to do this effectively.

If you want to get in depth knowledge of all the techniques the join SEO training in Chennai and stay ahead in your career.


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