Hadoop Training in Chennai

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Big data means a bundle of the complex set of dates which are difficult to process in the ancient processing systems.

 Stock exchanges such as NYSE and BSE generate data at very big size like terabyte every day.  even Social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter generate large data that are  500 times higher than the stock exchanges.

Hadoop is one of an open source file which was created and developed by Apache. it is mostly used for storing and processing in the great volume of data which are unstructured and mostly in the distributed environment.

Hadoop has the ability to scale up from the single server to thousands of servers. Hadoop consists of frameworks and the Hadoop framework is used by some of the giant companies like Amazon, Google,  IBM,  Facebook, New York, Times, Yahoo and the list grows on day by day. we can notice the need of data analysis day by day because of the emerging large investor companies.

Nowadays Big Data industry has grown and it attained significant growth and recently surveys have done and it is noted that the Big Data market is a vast market and the strength of the market is beyond $50 billion.

the result of the survey have confirmed that about 64% companies have invested in Big Data in 2013 and the gets increasing day by day every year. This creates importunities for every individual who wanted to set their career in Big Data. the opportunities are boundless.  Even professionals like JAVA Professionals, outdated technologies, ETL Professionals, Analytics Professionals, Project Managers, Testing Professionals,   can undergo Hadoop training for their career shift.

our big data helps the candidates those who wanted to set their career in the corporate industry by training them in our Big Data training center in Chennai we have ample of best trainers with teaching experience to guide the students in our Hadoop training center at FITA.

 We guide the students and train them by giving real time projects and some case studies.

We provide:

Course Created for Professionals by Professionals

Practical Training with Many Real time projects and Case studies

Rated as Best Big Data Training in Chennai by Professionals and Industry Experts! we have Experts from the corporate industry with much teaching Experience take Hadoop training in Chennai at FITA

Free Cloud era Certification Guidance as part of the Course

Learn Hadoop in The Hadoop Training in Chennai.

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