Importance of Softskill Training for Freshers

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With fresh and highly skilled graduates enter into the competitive job market, degree in hand. It may seem as hard skills, expertise in specific area of world. These industry-related skills are mandatory to succeed in the corporate world. As per recent study, job seekers rank technical skills are mandatory and give highest priority. However, most seasoned candidates rank soft skills arte more demand to sustain in corporate environment. Thus, most of the students go for IT training and placement institute to boost their soft skills. Placement Training in Chennai at FITA helps freshers and experienced professionals to learn Softskill from experienced professionals.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are those abilities and attributes which are more linked to personality, like communication, flexibility, patience and conflict resolution. Hard skills can be easily identified. For IT, these types of skills will be mentioned on the resume- technical knowledge related programs, expertise in programming language, applications, operating systems and even basic typing skills. All these skills tangible and can be improved and offer calculated results. Often, soft skills do not have obvious criteria for measurement. These kinds of personal traits will be discussed during the interview. Similar to the attitude, soft skills represents an individual personal skills and ability to solve problems effectively, logical thinking capability and handle stressful situations.

Can Soft Skills Be Taught?

Most of the experts believe that soft skills are very difficult to teach than the technical skills. Soft skills can be certainly improved, but mostly associated abilities that are shaped and formulated by the individual’s inherent personalities. Time, motivation and experience seem to be the most important factors in growth of soft skills. In industry, individuals who have several years of experience are better skilled to handle pressure and demands of the profession. Although, it is easier and more straightforward to learn hard skills – software program training, workshops and higher education. Soft skills can be improved along with proper guidance.

Alongside technical skills training, most of the companies are providing placement training for communication, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills and more expertise to their employees. These can be extremely helpful when recruiting the fresh graduates with minimal corporate experience.

How Soft Skills are Important to IT?

Soft skills are important elements for employees working in all industries. Within the corporate environment, soft skills help an individual to be successful within the workplace. The most important factor to improve soft skill is to process feedback from team leaders and other managerial professionals. Another effective way to determine your interpersonal skill is to interact with fellow colleagues and managers.

Communication skills are essential to sustain in the corporate environment, you need to communicate more effectively and clearly regarding the work. You need to handle the complicated situations without any difficulties and solve the situations more logically. With effective communication skills, you can express themselves more tactfully and assertively with others. Hard skills and soft skills are very important in the IT industry and other business environments. By keeping this mind, it is important to get trained from experienced trainers. FITA is reputed IT training and placement institute offering Softskill training in Chennai by experienced professionals.

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