PHP Training in Chennai: Job Description of Web Designer

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In this era of digital marketing, strong online presence is mandatory for every business organization to take part in online marketing. Websites are considered as most effective platform to brand your business products or services online. You need to create attractive and responsive website for your business and reach the client base. As per recent survey, web owners have only seven seconds to convert mere internet surfer into potential consumers. Thus, you need to hire the service of professional web designers and developers. Now, there is huge demand for skilled and experienced web developers in various technical and non-technician firms. Thus, taking PHP training will help you to enter the field of web design and development.

Are you located in Chennai and searching for best PHP training institutes? Then, FITA will be the ideal destination for all your web design and development needs. We offer PHP Training in Chennai by experienced web developers with years of industrial experience.

Web Designers Job Description:

Web designers are professionals who work on developing and enhancing the looks and accessibility of websites. Since the inception of World Wide Web, millions of websites are launched and the number is growing at faster pace. For larger corporates, federal governments, educational institutions, service providers, office, shopping outlets, hospitals and what not, having a website helps them to stay connected with their clients and maintain healthy relationship.

As the global businesses have increased significantly, everyone needs a website to be active on digital promotion. Web design and development job has become quite popular in IT industry. The job description has several activities such as work closely with clients and discusses the website requirement, targeted audience and details about leading competitor in the industry. Design a web page that is user friendly and attractive enough to impress the audience at the first instance. You need to fix various issues that ruin the performance of a website. You can use various combinations of codes such as CSS, HTML and XHTML to improve the look of a website.

Web Designer Job Description Sample:

Job Role: Web Designer/developer

Who We Are: This section of the job description will discuss about the organization will to hire you. You need to read this information carefully as this session provides complete overview about the organization.

Job Roles and Responsibilities:

  • As a web designer, you will be responsible for carryout following activities
  • You need to be involved in maintaining websites and its usability
  • You need to have deep knowledge in various designing tools like interior page layouts, CSS, Photoshop, HTML, etc.
  • Developing website using latest programming languages like PHP, HTML5 and other frameworks
  • Expertise in Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, etc.
  • Develop application using Action Script, Flash, CSS, XML and XHTML.
  • Interact with clients about various aspects about website design and development. Working with client on possible changes for website appearance and make it more user-friendly.
  • Design a layout and freeze the scope from the client side

Web developer job description consists of several activities related to web design and development. Most of the job associated with creating a website, its maintenance and its improvement based on the client specification. The salary range of the web designers and developers varies between INR 10000 to INR 50000. The factors like educational qualification, experience, and job role and work location will determine your salary package. Getting trained best PHP Training institutes in Chennai like FITA will assist you to enter leading web development industry with good salary range.


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