Some basic concepts of HTML5.

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Some basic concepts of HTML5.


As discussed in HTML5 training in Chennai, today a handheld mobile phone can almost do everything that a desktop computer can do. So to build a responsive and attractive content for the end user it is very important to use HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 supports all the latest browsers so it is very trusted markup language which is used for web development as well as app development.  Many mistake HTML as a programming language but rather its a markup language and not programming language. HTML5 is the latest and technically most advanced version of HTML. To learn HTML5 you need to be a well equipped with the terminologies of HTML, the tags and their uses.

Text Editor.

This is the first and foremost choice which a coder has to make which text editor should he use. As soon as you read the title you think of MS-Word but this would be suitable for coding purposes. The reason is that the browsers like internet explorer would not be able to read it. As told in HTML5 training Chennai, these type of text editors could only be used for writing a document but no code should be written on this. For coding a plain text editor should be used, a well known text editor which is used by the coders is Notepad.


Those who did HTML5 course in Chennai, they know about the Hyper Text MarkUp Language i.e. HTML, it deals with the codes and elements which are used to keep the website and web pages alive. It simply deals with the codes and just codes. HTML has nothing to do with the look and feel of the websites for this there are many other programs which will take care of the appearance of the website.


To say in simple and easy terms as taught in HTML5 training institutes in Chennai. Section is nothing but a title or a tag within which all the other content would be written be it text, pictures or anything. This is as same as the chapter in the text book where a sentence is written as a title and all the other explanation is given I detail under it. Seeing this section or title we can get an idea of what the content is.


Aside tag is a very useful tag in HTML, this tag contains all the useful information relating to the main article, the one specialty of this tag is that even if we delete this tag or remove this tag the main article would not get disturbed, it would remain as it is.


Footer is found in the bottom part of any website, usually in footer the contact information and all the information related to copyrights is found and it is very good place to do internal linking for a website.


Article can be called as the heart of any web-site. The richer the quality of articles the chances is more to gain traffic for a web site. The impact of the article is such that even if it is omitted from the website or a web page the website should get affected. All those who HTML5 training would be well aware of this.


As footer is located in the bottom of the website, similarly the header is located at the starting of the website. Here logo, tagline and important contact number can be published. No detail address is published here.

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