Web Design Training: Why Responsive website design is so Important?

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We are fixated with immediate response. In the world of portable gadgets, which allows us to access internet and make everything virtually possible in just a touch. We have become more dependent on fast connections, websites and applications that work on mobile phones. With the extensive usage of smartphones, it is important to have responsive website for your business. If the website doesn’t load properly on mobile devices, you believe that the website is outdated. Responsive websites will works on all platforms with user friendly navigation and content presentation.

A webpage is considered as responsive when it automatically suits its screen, regardless of what device you are viewing it. Web design training in Chennai @ FITA will train you to create responsive websites with latest tools and popular programing languages.

Google Thoughts on Responsive Website Design:

These days, you may know that Google is playing pretty massive deal on digital era. According to recent survey, Google holes more than 67.5% of the market share. When we talks about user experience and best possible service, Google is top priority among the internet users around the world. In other words, Google prefers website that provide utmost experience and valuable information to its users.  Websites with clean navigation can be easily crawled and indexed by the search engines. Those websites featuring all these factors will be easily recognized by search engine spider and tops search engine result page.

Google and SEO:

In SEO point of view, responsive design is very important for website. Recently, Google gives more importance to user experience and layout when ranking a website. On top of that, user friendly URL makes it easier for social media and content promotion. If you don’t use responsive website design, it creates unpleasant experience to the users. It affects your website and business conversion rates. Your rankings will be improved by providing best possible experience to users.


What is the point of having higher impress for your website if no one is willing to avail your products or services? The main thing to provide is good navigation and experience to its user. Recent survey states that 69% of users engage in online shopping. This suggests that most of the users prefers portable devices for purchasing and do everyday tasks. Responsive website design will please the mobile users and ensure higher conversion rate to your business.

Easy to Manage:

When we talk about the responsive design to provide great user experience for your visitor, but about the site owners? Using responsive website makes website administration lot easier and clean. If you have two different URLs for desktop and mobiles, you need to run separate SEO campaigns. Having responsive website design will minimize the work of development team and website administrators.

Having responsive website design will create real difference in your website performance and SEO promotion strategy. FITA is reputed IT training and placement academy offering web design training, PHP training, CSS training, WordPress training, HTML and HTML5 training in Chennai.

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